Subcontracts India


Subcontracts India is uniquely placed to broker a collaboration agreement between a property owner and a suitable builder who has the correct credentials in terms of financial soundness, experience, performance, business ethics, engineering prowess, dedicated equipment and manpower at his disposal to take on a project and deliver within mutually agreed timeline. 

Collaborations can run into deep problems if due legal expertise is overlooked. Our legal team provides neutral services and guidance to make sure both the parties to the collaboration agreement are fully secure. At the same time this legal team ensures that there is complete legal compliance to avoid any situation that may cause inconvenience in terms of financial loss or delayed delivery timeline.

Getting the right offer from the builder is crucial for any property owner.  We make sure Property Owners get offers only from a Pre-Approved builder (we thoroughly check credentials of each builder desirous of working for our clients)A right offer means the following:

1. Efficient management of all mandatory official permissions and authorizations

2. Maximum covered area within legally permissible limits. Property owner gets the option to retain 1/2/3 floors in addition to respective share of car parking space and other facilities such as elevators, power backup system, fire safety system, surveillance (CCTV based) and alarm system, branded fixtures etc.

3. Undisputed and clear Property Title(s) for property owner(s).

4. Smooth and comfortable relocation of property owner(s) during the construction phase.

5. Highest quality of planning and design engaging the competent architect(s) and interior design teams ensuring owner's satisfaction in terms of aesthetics, layout, external facade, materials to be used, etc.

6. Neutral structural audit by competent engineers during construction ensuring compliance to collaboration agreement.

​7. Enhance property value by way of  brand new set of exotic apartments at your disposal, both in terms of sale and rental.

​8. Possession Handover : The builder, post completion of the project construction, retains his share of floor(s) agreed in the collaboration agreement and hands over the owner’s share of floors. The builder and the property owner(s) are entitled to sell, convey, transfer and assign their respective portions to any prospective buyer(s) and can receive the sale proceeds in respect thereof, in their names during or after the the building is completed, without any objection from each other.
9. The Builder obtains all mandatory Forms and Completion Certificate from competent authorities in respect of the newly constructed building at his own expenses.