Subcontracts India
​​Subcontracts India is a premier business consultancy much sought after for its project financing skills and for providing other services such as subcontracting, outsourcing and offshoring solutions. Founded in 2015, we are best known for our expertise in raising capital for businesses, infrastructure and energy projects, providing consulting and project support services, and procurement management solutions. We have expanded our expertise and the scope of our activities into providing Asset Enhancement services as well as Alternative Funding solutions to our clients (and also facilitating issuance and monetization of bank/financial instruments such as Standby Letters Of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG), Sovereign Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Notes, etc,. in the secondary market. Our expertise span across diverse and challenging sectors like infrastructure, energy,  mining, telecom, manufacturing, oil & gas, construction, engineering, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, wellness, real estate, logistics & supply chain, and IT sectors.

Subcontracts India's Management Team, led by the visionary guidance of Srimant Borthakur, stands as a paragon of strategic acumen, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. With a steadfast focus on fostering a culture of collaboration, driving operational efficiency, and charting a course for sustainable growth, this dynamic team spearheads Subcontracts India's journey towards becoming a trailblazer in the industry.

Under Srimant Borthakur's leadership, Subcontracts India's Management Team operates with a singular focus on delivering value to stakeholders, fostering innovation, and driving operational excellence across all facets of the organization. Through collaborative decision-making, strategic planning, and effective execution, the management team works tirelessly to identify growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and capitalize on market trends, positioning Subcontracts India as a leader in the industry.

Subcontracts India's Project Financing Department serves as a strategic partner in driving project success. Beyond securing funding, the department collaborates closely with project teams to develop comprehensive financial strategies that align with project objectives and timelines. By providing strategic guidance on financial feasibility, cash flow management, and risk mitigation, the project finance experts at Subcontracts India contribute to the seamless execution of projects, thereby enhancing project outcomes and delivering value to stakeholders.

Central to the department's success is its commitment to innovation and adaptability. In an environment characterized by evolving market dynamics and regulatory changes, the Project Financing Department at Subcontracts India embraces innovation as a catalyst for growth. By staying abreast of emerging financing trends, exploring new financing structures, and leveraging technology-enabled solutions, the department remains agile and responsive, poised to capitalize on opportunities and navigate challenges in an ever-changing landscape.

Subcontracts India's Finance Department epitomizes excellence in fiscal management, integrity, and strategic foresight. Through its unwavering commitment to excellence, rigorous adherence to regulatory standards, strategic collaboration with other departments, and relentless pursuit of innovation, the department not only safeguards the company's financial health but also propels its success in a fiercely competitive business landscape. As a beacon of reliability and strategic vision, the Finance Department exemplifies Subcontracts India's commitment to pioneering financial excellence in all facets of its operations.

Moreover, the Finance Department serves as a strategic partner in driving business success. Far beyond the realm of traditional accounting functions, the department actively collaborates with other departments to formulate and execute financial strategies that align with the company's overarching goals and objectives. Leveraging their financial acumen and strategic foresight, finance professionals at Subcontracts India analyze market trends, identify growth opportunities, and optimize capital allocation, thereby contributing to the company's sustained profitability and competitive advantage.

Subcontracts India's Securities Trading Department emerges as a strategic powerhouse, leveraging expertise, cutting-edge technology, and market insights to optimize returns, manage risks, and drive value for the organization. With a keen focus on innovation, agility, and unwavering integrity, this department plays a pivotal role in shaping Subcontracts India's investment strategies and capitalizing on emerging market trends.

At the heart of Subcontracts India's Securities Trading Department lies a deep-seated commitment to excellence. Armed with extensive experience and a profound understanding of market dynamics, the department's skilled traders navigate the intricacies of securities trading with precision and agility. Whether it's equities, bonds, derivatives, or other financial instruments, the traders at Subcontracts India exhibit unparalleled expertise and dedication, executing trades with finesse and delivering superior returns for the organization.

Subcontracts India's Legal Department is its unwavering commitment to excellence. Through meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of the ever-evolving legal landscape, the department consistently delivers impeccable legal counsel that transcends expectations. Whether it's drafting intricate contracts, negotiating complex agreements, or providing strategic guidance on regulatory matters, the legal experts at Subcontracts India demonstrate unparalleled expertise and proficiency.

The Legal Department at Subcontracts India adopts a forward-thinking mindset, pre-empting potential challenges and devising robust strategies to mitigate risks effectively. By staying abreast of emerging legal trends and anticipating regulatory changes, the department ensures that the company remains resilient in the face of uncertainty, safeguarding its reputation and fostering sustainable growth.

Subcontracts India's Legal Department epitomizes excellence in corporate law, setting the gold standard for legal expertise, integrity, and professionalism. Through its unwavering commitment to excellence, proactive approach to risk management, and steadfast advocacy for ethical conduct, the department not only safeguards the company's interests but also propels it towards greater success in the global marketplace. As a cornerstone of the organization, the Legal Department exemplifies Subcontracts India's commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation in all aspects of its operations.

Subcontracts India's Account Department fosters deep-seated commitment to excellence. Armed with extensive expertise and a keen understanding of financial intricacies, the department's professionals execute their responsibilities with meticulous precision, delivering accurate financial insights that serve as the bedrock for informed decision-making. Whether it's managing budgets, tracking expenditures, or optimizing cash flow, the accountants at Subcontracts India exhibit unparalleled proficiency and dedication, ensuring that financial operations run seamlessly and efficiently.

One of the department's primary responsibilities is to safeguard the company's financial integrity. Through rigorous adherence to regulatory standards, meticulous oversight of financial transactions, and implementation of robust internal controls, the Account Department ensures that Subcontracts India operates with the utmost transparency and accountability. By upholding the highest standards of financial governance, the department instils confidence among stakeholders, fortifying the company's reputation and fostering trust in its business practices.