Every day, we work with companies facing challenges and opportunities – from looking to expand into a new region or positioning a business for a value-creation opportunity. The specific needs vary; timings differ. We advise and tailor solutions to help meet long-and short-term goals. We can help turn foreign markets into familiar territory or provide the due diligence to make an informed decision about an acquisition.
That’s us. We’re here to connect you with what it takes to help achieve your vision. It’s that simple.
From concept to completion, we’re here with strategic M&A advice you can trust, the capital markets expertise you can look to and a whole range of banking as well as non-banking solutions to help achieve your goals.
Understanding your strategic needs is our starting point. It helps us connect you with capital raising expertise across the debt and equity markets that can be used to expand and improve your company.
We structure cross-discipline teams that specialize in the following key industries:
  1. Consumer and Retail
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Energy and Power
  4. Mining
  5. Financial Institutions
  6. Financial Sponsors
  7. Healthcare
  8. Industrials
  9. Real Estate, Gaming and Lodging
  10. Technology, Media and Telecom

Your working capital needs to work hard. And, your access to liquidity can be the difference between growth and stagnation. We understand the need for strong cash flows and efficient operations. So we offer you solutions that let you maximize your visibility and control of working capital across your company.

Risks always exist and how you manage it goes a long way to determining the fate of your business. We can help you manage your risk through a comprehensive approach and a disciplined eye on your business, the markets and your future. However, business climates are unique. Risks change, regulations vary and cultures differ. But with local knowledge and a global perspective, we make it our business to know what’s happening, and what’s possible anywhere you spot opportunity.

Our services DO NOT come free and we are rather choosy about who we serve. We encourage only serious clients who understand what it takes to arrange finances for businesses. Our seamless services start with our client sending us a formal Letter of Intent expressing his/her desire to hire our services and then following this up with entering into a formal service agreement with us and depositing the token Engagement Fee which is non refundable. That is not all. You would be further liable to pay a Success Fee (case specific) post successful closure of funding.

​Subcontracts India conducts due diligence on businesses for the purpose of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), outright sale or for those seeking investments within India as well as from investors overseas. Any client fitting into the aforementioned categories and trying to source funds through us should seek detailed information from us prior undergoing our due diligence process. There is no exception to this process. 

Conducting Due-diligence is a paid service and the costs vary depending on the size, location, type and spread of business involved. Starting at around US$60,000.00 (approx. Indian Rupees Forty Lakhs) the due diligence costs may reach as high as US$ 700,000.00 (approx Indian Rupees Five Crores) with additional applicable taxes such as GST. Clients are required to pay 50% of the Due-Diligence (DD) costs at the time of signing a formal NCNDA/DD contract and the balance 50% of the costs at the point of submission of the final due-diligence report A client must unconditionally agree to undergo our due diligence process prior being allowed to meet our associated funders/investors for investment pitching.
Subcontracts India