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Founded in 2016, our wholly owned subsidiary Trans Universe Energy (TUE) has been providing the much needed energy financing platform to effectively connect energy businesses to investors and financiers and in so doing, has energized the future of this sector across the globe. The potential for increasing renewable energy demand, combined with the electrification of transportation and industrials and oil and gas companies’ increased participation in the electricity value chain, is accelerating industry convergence.  These trends may foster collaboration that gives rise to new business models and helps advance the energy transition. At Trans Universe Energy, we provide high-quality analytics, advisory and transaction services to energy companies, investors & governments. We make it easier for the finance community to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors by providing technical assistance and targeted support. Our core team consists of seasoned energy professionals who have long experiences as well as multidimensional exposure to almost all sectors of the energy business. We search energy opportunities worldwide and help convert them into efficient, profitable businesses for our clients and communities. We integrate Planning, Approvals & Clearances, Procurement, Design & Development, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance through our services. Trans Universe Energy provides crucial bridging between numerous energy businesses across the globe to help clients get seamlessly connected and benefit from the accrued expertise in terms of technology, engineering, financial management as well as marketing. 

Renewable as well as non-renewable energy sectors that include Coal, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Tidal Energy, Waste-to-Energy, Geothermal Energy and every other known source of energy that can be harnessed for generating power/electricity find an expert here at Trans Universe Energy (TUE) who can help nudge its clients through the maze of extremely necessary decision making and implementing processes to achieve success in the energy business.  Trans Universe Energy (TUE)  also helps clients better understand current as well as evolving trends and technology ideas in the energy sectors through its access to large available and well researched data.  

At Trans Universe Energy, we understand that the strategic importance of energy around the world dictates a country’s energy development policy which in turn has increased the need to redefine and remodel financing and investment decisions for energy-related businesses. It is a given that in the energy sector, change is the only constant. And the rate of change is getting faster each passing year. It definitely is a matter of open debate how companies in oil and gas, chemicals, electric power and utilities, renewable energy, and manufacturing stay ahead in the game and build sustainable competitive advantage in a constantly transforming world. While transforming businesses to be fit for the future, companies and their executives still need to deliver results sooner rather than later. Uncertainty in the business environment, however, seems to be at a higher level than in recent years. Can a long period of economic growth be sustained, or are we due for a slowdown—with its inevitable impact on demand, industrial activity, and the need for energy? Will tariffs and trade tensions change the terms of trade, disrupt supply chains, and add to the cost of doing business? And how far will customer and societal aspirations for a cleaner, more sustainable world drive new practices across all sectors of the economy? These pressing demands create space for expert and razor sharp consultancy in the energy space. 

Our experts at Trans Universe Energy share the belief that energy is and would remain one of the most critical components of infrastructure which in turn is crucial for the economic growth and welfare of nations. The existence and development of adequate infrastructure is essential for sustained economic growth . Energy is central to achieving development ambitions of nations, to support expanding economies, to bring electricity to those who remain without it, to fuel the demand for greater mobility and to develop the infrastructure to meet the growing needs. The economic downturn because of the Covid-19 pandemic is also expected to increase existing financing and project development challenges for developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Eurasia, pushing some planned projects beyond 2021 and resulting in downward forecast revisions in all three regions. 

Trans Universe Energy works with the conviction that access to safe, reliable and affordable energy is a critical enabler of higher living standards, including a longer and healthier life. Today a significant portion of the global population still faces serious challenges in accessing energy on a daily basis, negatively impacting health and preventing many from fully realizing their potential. The challenges become even greater considering that by 2040 the global population is projected to grow to 9.2 billion from 7.5 billion today. Improving access to energy and a growing global economy will lead to better economic opportunities, higher incomes and improved living conditions for many. As countries move up the human development index, the improving living standards are associated with increased energy use. Today, almost 50 percent of the global population lives in countries that rank low to medium on the U.N.’s human development index. Advancing development for nearly half the world’s population creates the potential for significant global energy growth.

The bright side of the energy story is that the world’s vast renewable energy resources remain largely untapped. We want to make a meaningful contribution to improving the renewable energies potential worldwide. Recognizing the huge potential of renewable energy, we have established this truly international energy financing and consulting platform dedicated to facilitating the rapid development of renewable energy worldwide. We believe that renewable energy will play in the upcoming years a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate change, supporting sustainable development, and boosting economic growth.


Energy business is a thriving segment of any economy and all development related activities heavily rely on the availability of cheap and good quality seamless energy. Data shows increased per capita consumption of energy worldwide. The demand for energy would take a long time to peak leaving tremendous scope for business growth in this sector. Good planning, foresight, robust procurement capabilities to ensure quality equipment for generating plants and above all engineering expertise decide the success of energy business. In reaction to the threat of global warming, there is an increasing demand for developing renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

For Trans Universe Energy, energy finance is inherently interdisciplinary. It starts with exploring the linkages between energy markets and financial markets but then requires us to look at energy products/markets from a financial perspective. Pricing is always an important issue in energy markets. Energy price movements are often considered a critical component that affects economic output. Since energy is a special kind of commodity, market supply and demand are naturally considered most relevant in energy pricing. The standard pricing mechanism has been challenged by recent evidence of financialization. Our new statistical models (e.g., a dynamic model averaging technique) allow us to empirically investigate the formation of energy prices in a dynamic manner. Trans Universe Energy strives to attract investors to the growing energy markets across the globe and in the process helps provide crucial financial support to its clients.

We firmly believe the majority of the projects delayed due to the Pandemic are expected to come online in 2021 and lead to a rebound in capacity additions. As a result, 2021 is forecast to almost reach the level of renewable capacity additions of 2019. 


Even without a direct incentive for green infrastructure development in the economic stimulus measures passed in response to COVID-19, clean energy demand in the United States proved resilient as renewables and storage recorded declining costs and rising capacity and usage factors.  Trans Universe Energy has unhindered access to the latest energy market trends for sectors such as oil & gas, solar, wind, energy storage, electric mobility, etc. It has proven capacity to provide its clients seamless service anywhere in this world through its expanding network across the globe. TUE partners numerous energy sector experts, engineers, professionals, manufacturers, and service providers who specialize in different aspects of the energy business. From the inception stage of an energy business, Trans Universe Energy stands firm with its clients through the development, commissioning, and operational stages of their projects, guiding and assisting them all throughout. Its multidisciplinary team of economists, analysts, and financial and energy industry professionals develop innovative finance and market solutions to accelerate the energy transition. It works closely with policymakers, investors and companies on climate transition risk; market reform; finance as a catalyst. Global investment in low-carbon energy technologies is growing rapidly in line with rapidly declining costs. To achieve the scale of investments needed, Trans Universe Energy taps private sources of investments by developing and modifying existing finance tools and at the same time innovating new tools and  mobilizing ‘climate investment’ opportunities in the most cost effective way by providing clients necessary Information, developing skills, accessing incentives, and implementing techniques that reduce investment risks., pub-3613042558933427, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0