Subcontracts India
​Subcontracts India is a premier business consultancy much sought after for its subcontracting, outsourcing, offshoring and project financing capabilities. Founded in 2015,  we have been providing bespoke solutions to our clients not only within India but numerous nations worldwide as well. We have gradually expanded our expertise and the scope of our activities into providing Asset Enhancement Advisory services and Alternative Funding solutions to our clients. We specialize in facilitating issuance and monetization of financial instruments in the secondary market. We also operate a private investment advisory that follows a sharp, systematic process of continuously developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner. Our activities now span across multiple sectors as diverse and challenging as infrastructure, energy,  mining, telecom, manufacturing, oil & gas, construction, engineering, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, wellness, real estate, logistics & supply chain, and IT sectors.  Read More
FDI Manager (a wholly owned subsidiary) consists of a team of expert FDI consultants focused primarily into the growing Indian economy poised for a phenomenal growth in the coming years and decades. It has long  years of combined relevant experience helping clients prepare for the unknown while meeting their financial goals.
​​FDI Manager provides a massive window of opportunity to Indian companies and project owners who want to benefit directly from Foreign Direct Investments. By highlighting and showcasing their projects and services on this Foreign Direct Investments Platform, FDI Manager not only generates investor interest across the globe but also follows up with potential investors for successfully setting up Joint Ventures in India. 
Backed by immense consulting expertise and single point dispensing of support services, FDI Manager is uniquely placed to service its clients. If you have a project or services that seek Foreign Direct Investments, then FDI Manager is your correct destination. 

At Subcontracts India, we successfully operate a Financing Solutions Advisory and efficiently deliver bespoke financing solutions to our clients worldwide. We assure for them unhindered business excellence, smooth liquidity and uncompromising efficiency. Our team of expert finance professionals have ready access to industry specific knowledge based on exclusive data of multiple sectors of the modern day economy and thereby enabling it to offer the most suitable solutions on time and every time. Using traditional techniques such as securitizations, private bond issues, private debt and equity, structured finance and lending, and mixing them with highly evolved financial technology, we are able to provide much needed access to finance for expansion and exploratory capital. Our project financing expertise is crucial to implementing greenfield projects as well as efficiently reviving stagnant or dormant assets. Working closely with bankers, financial institutions, private bankers, asset managers, funds, private investors, venture capitalists, UHNWIs, etc., (with many  of whom we share strong partnership alliances), we also offer opportunities to  startups, growing as well as established companies that require further investment for expansion or are in need of debt restructuring.
Bullseye Data Research (a wholly owned subsidiary) is an end-to end service provider for all your cloud computing needs. We are a multi–cloud Hybrid IT solution provider with global footprint. Our state-of-the-art datacenter facilities use services from multiple Internet service providers. We thus, ensure full network redundancy resulting in high network availability for our customers. With clients across the globe, Bullseye has a robust experience of deploying and managing cloud services across platforms and industries. Our N+1 infrastructure have surplus/backup for power supply, network, load balancers and multiple HVAC systems, essential for business continuity. Thanks to our state-of-art datacenters, and disaster recovery services, we guarantee 99.99% server uptime SLA. We provide low-cost, efficient and scalable cloud solutions that align with your business. We relieve businesses from the hassle of creating and maintaining cloud applications.  Our comprehensive cloud migration framework brings industrialized capabilities together with exclusive tools, methods, and automation across all cloud varieties (public, private, hybrid) and multiple delivery methods (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS).  
Global Oil and Gas Trading (a wholly owned subsidiary) is a new-age oil & gas brokerage platform that has emerged as a favored and trusted market place for an increasing number of oil and gas traders. This is not without some exciting reasons though. The chances of successfully closing a deal is extremely high trading through this platform. Wholly owned, maintained, and serviced by Subcontracts India, the platform has absolutely no place for “wanderers”!! While trying to keep things simple in an otherwise extremely complex trade and yet maintain transparency, our highly regarded professional team ensures the smoothest experience through each deal the buyer or seller wishes to engage in. Most importantly, Buyers as well as Sellers on board  this platform are 100% vetted and verified. Traders have to undergo a stringent background check by the platform compliance team, and the platform makes sure that all traders are financially capable of transacting business with each other without hiccups or inconveniences.
​​Trans Universe Energy (a wholly owned subsidiary) provides the much needed platform for numerous energy businesses across the globe. Its core team consists of energy professionals who have long experiences as well as exposure to almost all sectors of the energy business. It searches energy opportunities worldwide and helps convert them into efficient and profitable businesses for our clients. We integrate planning, approvals & clearances, procurement, design & development, commissioning, operation & maintenance - all under one roof.  Through Trans Universe Energy, numerous energy businesses across the globe get seamlessly connected and benefit from the accrued expertise in terms of technology, engineering, financial management as well as marketing. Hydrocarbons,  Nuclear Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Tidal Energy, Waste-to-Energy, Geothermal Energy and every other known source of energy that can be harnessed for generating power/electricity finds an expert here at Trans Universe Energy.