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Subcontracts India delivers unique and efficient funding solutions to its clients worldwide and assures for them unhindered business excellence, smooth financial liquidity and efficiency. Its professional team holds specific and expansive core  knowledge of multiple financial sectors enabling it to offer the best financial solutions on time. Using techniques such as securitizations, private bond issues, private debt and equity and other forms of structured finance and lending, it is able to provide much needed expansion and exploratory capital as well as specific project finance and efficiently reviving stagnant or dormant assets. Working closely with bankers, financial institutions, private bankers, asset managers, funds, private investors, venture capitalists with whom it has strong partnership alliances, it offers opportunity to  startups, growing companies and to those established companies that require further investment for expansion or are in need of debt restructuring.

We have a global perspective and footprint serving a wide range of clients including banks of all sizes, non banking financial institutions, asset and wealth management firms, capital markets, hedge funds, endowments and foundations, private equity and venture capital firms, insurance companies, broker dealers, infrastructure companies, energy companies, utilities, real estate firms, specialty finance companies and other diversified financial services organizations including mortgage, financial technology and payment firms.

We work hard to align client interests with our own creating compelling partnership arrangements. We have a global reach with strong consultants in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Our associates range from alternative investment groups of major financial services houses to independent hedge funds and other funds with investable assets.  Our team approach utilizes the industry experience of consultants who understand the intricacies of client organizations and who practice intelligent and innovative approach to finding the most suitable solutions to client needs.


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