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We are offering a unique opportunity to invest in a full JV partnership or take a stake-holding in one of the largest and certainly the leading Solar farm projects in Australia. This 200MW PV/100MW Battery project near Robertstown, South Australia . With close proximity to a new substation and the NSW 330KV interconnector, this project offers an unprecedented access to the main grid due to proximity.
With an overall project value of US$425,000,000, Solar River Project is positioned as a high yield investment with rapid payback due to minimal loss factors, strong revenue from the battery during peak demand and high probability of good spot market rates. In addition, there is provision for multiple stages including thermal storage, which has the potential to deliver 24/7 power on the same transmission agreement.

The project owners have secured a 10 year 100% PPA PV AUD $46 and Battery $11.96Mp.a. plus CPI with Sovereign backing, highly desirable. FC March 2022 COD Dec 2023.

Potential and interested Investors can send in their request for more details at