There is work for erection of mobile towers in Andhra,  Telangana,  Karnataka and Kerala.  There are on an average 25 to 30 districts and each district will have around 250 to 300 towers in each state. This will be a lump sum contract. The synopsis of the contract is that all the civil work will be with material and under supervision of the client. All the MEP work shall be skilled and licensed labour work only and the material for all the MEP work shall be provided by the client and he will withheld in advance an amount equivalent to 5% of the value till the work is completed and shall be released thereafter.  The drawings , site photographs is enclosed with this message.

Anyone who is interested in taking this job will have to work in the entire district and he will have to propose the district that he is comfortable working in along with his PQ (Pre Qualification) papers and the lump sum quote.

All the MEP equipment shown in pictures attached will be supplied by the client and the agency will have to fit and connect and demonstrate it. The tower material will also be supplied by the client and the agency will have to erect and connect all the peripheral.

We need your complete and updated company profile.   

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