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Explore alternative funding options and financial solutions. If you are looking to obtain an SBLC or BG either through purchase or lease, you have arrived at your final destination. We are experts at handling issuance of SBLC / BG and we have done it many times over. Investment Bankers, Project Owners, Oil & Gas Traders, Commodity Traders, etc. have successfully obtained SBLC / BGs through us. If you follow our procedure, it is likely that you might obtain an SBLC / BG provided you are financially capable to transact and possess the right business credentials. We do not entertain brokers or intermediaries.
Subcontracts India is among the top premier consulting firms specializing in outsourcing, offshoring, subcontracting, alternative funding solutions, oil and gas sourcing, energy projects and market research.  It's activities span across sectors as diverse as infrastructure, energy, finance, telecommunications, defence, manufacturing, oil & gas (upstream, midstream, and downstream), mining, hospitality, tourism, innovative agriculture, health & wellness, real estate, logistics & supply chain, and IT sectors.  It has been consistently providing bespoke solutions as well as high value work opportunities to numerous clients across the world. Professionalism and transparency have been at the core of all its services and its uncompromising yet systematic Client Assessment through Critical Performance Indicators ensures efficient transactions for its clients. At Subcontracts India, nothing is left to chance. Its experts carefully, yet diligently, analyze all aspects of any available work opportunity prior effecting a deal between parties and then assuring its smooth and speedy implementation within promised time frame. 

Numbers generally work in favor of the firm. The extensive and exclusive data at its immediate disposal helps identify and match the best suited companies for any particular project/ work opportunity rather very quickly and efficiently. The firm often unfailingly boasts of a phenomenal success rate in its professional work domain.

In a very special way, Subcontracts India plays the pivotal role of a specialized facilitator between parties willing to enter into a mutual working agreement. All this is managed by its core team comprising of professionals such as Engineers, Management Experts, Compliance Auditors, Marketing Professionals, Legal Experts, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and  Experienced Technicians. It is committed to provide dedicated service in a cost effective manner without diluting the quality of its services. The untiring hard work of its dedicated teams strike a healthy balance between it's teams and its clients. A deep understanding of how things work in numerous countries around the world has been the backbone of its success in building client satisfaction and trust over the years.

Subcontracts India, has now established its credentials as a serious consultancy player in multiple sectors of the economy. Business opportunities brought to our clients by us are a direct result of the extensive and hard work put in by our professional team. Finding high value quality work opportunity is often a challenge since there are no shortcuts. This, in effect, gets a great deal more challenging for the numerous sectors of the economy such as infrastructure, renewable energy, project finance, etc. More often than not, clients, on their own, find this a tough domain to tread since these sectors are fraught with unseen and unanticipated risks and most Main Contractors/Employers choose their subcontractors with utmost caution. Our clients, however, often find it a lot easier to transact high value business through us since we always look into the multi-dimensional risk aspects with a high powered lens. ​

Subcontracts India, unlike many other conventional consulting companies, is not dependent just on hired professional staff. We outsource seasoned professional expertise specific to any particular work opportunity. Spread across a wide spectrum of expertise and technologically advantageous positions, our consultants are among the best available. This contributes a great deal to our success in providing correct guidance and satisfaction to our valued customers. It also helps us expand our activities to numerous industry classification and geographical locations. We respond quickly and decisively in an extremely professional manner. Our global network is growing at a fast pace under the banner Subcontracts International (   
Subcontracts India
Subcontracts India-Trusted & Tested Consultants and Financial Services Providers (Project Finance, Oil and Gas, SBLC)